A New Tool For Strengths Discovery

This entry is admittedly a bit “press-release-y,” (probably because it’s a press release), but we wanted to let you know about this exciting announcement. We are thrilled to be part of the Strengths Partnership!


LOS ANGELES, CA/CHARLESTON, SC (October 12, 2011) — Strengths Doctors announces today it’s become the first consulting group in the U.S. to be accredited with the Strengthscope assessment. Strengthscope, a dynamic assessment tool, provides a comprehensive measure of an individual’s strengths at work, allowing companies to grow and develop individuals through a practical and proven strengths-focused approach.

“We’re excited to continue to build teams and leaders with the addition of Strengthscope to help our clients better understand and grow,” says Dr. Marvin Arnsdorff, co-founder of Strengths Doctors and Strengthscope Accredited Partner and Business Consulting Partner. “With the research behind Strengthscope, we know it will be another way our clients can give energy to what they do best.”

“For us, the Strengthscope tool provides the perfect marriage of strengths-focused assessment, education and application techniques for independent consultants and for the companies we work with,” says Josh Allan Dykstra, co-founder of Strengths Doctors and Strengthscope Accredited Partner and Business Consulting Partner.

Strengthscope U.S. utilizes the Strengthscope online assessment taken by thousands of individuals worldwide. Accredited users learn the system through one- and two-day trainings. They then gain access to development solutions enabling individuals and teams to build on their strengths and translate them into success.

“Strengthscope benefits the growing market of independent consultants looking for a way to help companies and leaders understand their teams and themselves,” says Mike Miller, Director of Operations for Strengths Partnership U.S. “Its unique 360-feature and team report provides individuals and organizations with a competitive advantage by clarifying what gives them energy, edge and accelerated growth opportunities at work.”

“Strengthscope’s approach is founded on research and experience, making us a pioneer in strengths-focused business improvement,” says Strengths Partnership co-founder James Brook. “Because we believe when you unleash the full power of people’s strengths, organizations can significantly improve their results and capacity for future growth.”


About Strengths Partnership & Strengthscope
Strengths Partnership (www.strengthspartnership.com) is a global assessment, consulting and training company dedicated to helping organizations achieve success through assessing, aligning and developing the strengths and skills of their workforce. Strengths Partnership designed and launched a strengths profiler, Strengthscope, in 2006. Organizations including American Express, Facebook, ING Direct, Tesco, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Volkswagen utilize the Strengthscope tool.

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