If I Wanted a Dream Job…

I have to admit it, I am at the mid-point of my life, and I have never had a “job.” I have always been self-employed in the service of others.

However, if I wanted a dream job it would be the Chief Culture Officer (CCO) of a progressive company.

What does that mean?

As the CCO, it would be my job to create a culture of engagement and meet the needs of every single employee of the company. I wouldn’t keep track of every employee; that would still be the HR Director’s job. I would focus on creating a culture of engagement and meeting employee’s needs, to the best of a CCO’s ability, not through empty pep talks and token bonuses but through building clarity of purpose, strengths-based goal setting, individualized personal development plans, and consistent confirmation that the employee is satisfied and even delighted to be associated with the organization.

I would love this job. If I didn’t enjoy consulting and my own timelines so much, I’d be knocking on the door of every Fortune 100 company that would listen to create a position of CCO demonstrate what a major difference someone in that role could make to their bottom line.

It’s this simple: when an employee is happy and engaged in his work he misses work less, quits organizations less, creates safer work places, produces higher quality work, and is passionate about serving his customers. Just consider enormous turnover costs; the CCO’s salary could easily pay for itself just from the savings in recruitment and retraining resources. Most organizations don’t know how much money they would be making if their employees loved working so much that they took it upon themselves to work harder and more heartfelt than they would otherwise. It’s called discretionary effort and it’s invaluable to the organization.

With a CCO on board to make sure that each worker has a reason to feel excited and empowered by her employer, a progressive organization could find itself with a workforce passionate about its purpose and customers.

Now there’s a company and a culture that I could get excited about.

…If I wanted a dream job.

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