The Treasure Hunter

Not long ago I was in a serious career path transition. I was dazed and stranded in the land in between a great past and a promising but unsure future. During the days I was anxious and doing a lot of soul searching and a lot of praying. At night I was restless, not sleeping, and when I did sleep, I would have crazy dreams. However, one of the craziest dreams has stuck in my head, and it’s had a profound effect on my life and the actions I take on a daily basis.

I have always loved movies about treasure hunters like Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark and Laura Croft: Tomb Raider. I’m sure that I must have seen one of them, or something like it, earlier that night.

The dream begins with me, dressed in Indiana Jones garb, walking with torch in hand though a tight corridor into a dark, tall, massive cavern. As the light from my torch illuminated the entire space of the cavern I noticed an altar in the middle of the vast space. On top of the altar sat a shiny gold object. As I drew closer to the glow I could see what appeared to be a very ornate container or vessel of some kind.

My curiosity of this treasure overcame my good sense as I reached out to grasp and hold this beautiful object in my hands. It felt unusually warm for this dark and damp place. The warmth of this prize compelled me to begin to rub my hands over it. Suddenly, there was a flash and the dimly lit cavern was filled with a bright purple hue. I quickly set the vessel down on the altar and began rubbing my eyes. When I finally could open my eyes, I saw before me a majestic man wearing a long flowing white tunic.

I didn’t know what to think as my head was spinning. Without thinking ahead, I blurted out, “What are you, an angel or some kind of genie?” At first he didn’t say a thing… he just eyed me up and down like he was looking right through my soul.

In a deep but soothing voice he said to me, “Thank you for your troubles. I am here to answer your wish. Will it be a business wish or a personal wish?”

“Business wish,” I answered without thinking twice.

He began waving his hands slowly in the air and speaking in that deep soothing voice. He instructed me to imagine clearly the wishes that I had in mind. Then he asked me to visualize what would happen if my wishes were fulfilled.

When he was satisfied that I had clearly visualized my wishes, he said, “Now think of all the gifts you have. Think about your mental gifts, physical gifts, and your spiritual gifts. Think about all of the different abilities and talents you have.” He let me process things for a moment as he continued waving his hands. Then after a moment, he asked if I had those gifts clearly in mind. I nodded yes.

He continued, “Think especially of those gifts and talents that would be useful in making your wish come true.” And so I thought about which of my strengths might help me, and exactly how I might use them.

Then he said, “Now, I want you to think about all of the people who might be able to make your wish come true. Not just the people you know, but the people you might need to meet who could help you. Think about what you would ask them to do and why they may want to help you.” So, I thought about all of the people who might help me make my wishes come true.

While I was thinking about all of this, he clapped his hands together with a mighty force causing another flash of light, but this time there was no purple hue, just a silver white glow around us.

Then, he asked me to close my eyes and think of the very first thing I could do to make my wishes come true. As I did this, he handed me a scroll. “When you have the first step clearly in mind,” he said, “open your eyes and read the scroll.”

I did as he asked, then I opened my eyes and he had disappeared into thin air. I read the scroll, smiled to myself, and nodded my head in agreement.

Since having that dream, and tapping into my innate talents and strengths, great things have happened. I feel that I have a truly blessed life. My actions, priorities, persistence, and my clarity of purpose have never been stronger in my life.

Perhaps you are wondering what was written on the scroll that he handed me. It simply said, “If you have faithfully followed my instructions, you have discovered the treasure within yourself and your wish has already begun to come true.”

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