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How To Stop Sucking

It seems like the right thing is to focus more time on making our weaknesses better. After all, this is what we are taught our whole lives in school–if I suck at math, I spend the most time working on that subject.

But we are wrong. Focusing on our weaknesses is usually completely futile.

Let’s accept it: we all suck at something. And even more, what we suck at sucks the life out of us. So why do we keep doing these things!? How can we stop sucking? Continue reading

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Questions Are The New Answers

Everyone loves answers. But in the new “age of Google,” it is the QUESTIONS we should be paying attention to. Continue reading

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Choices Will Terminate You

An interesting lesson in customer interactions, learned from a Terminator. Continue reading

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Org Fit Has Nothing To Do With Your Org

We don’t “fit” an organization because of the organization. We fit because of the manager we work for and the team we work with.

As a leader, are you spending enough time with those managers? Everything hangs in the balance of how we answer that question, and this is why… Continue reading

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Death by Info v. Death by Ignorance

In the longstanding tradition of dividing the world into two types of people, I present to you two ways of thinking — both equally deadly, but for different reasons. Also, today our camps will be played by gelatinous colored mammals. Continue reading

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